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Featured Artist Interview - Singgih Dwi

TAXI>>Hi Dwi! Glad to have you with us. When did you realise graphic design was going to be your career?

Singgih>>Please, just call me singgih not dwi, because it would be very strange here in indonesia... hehehe.

Maybe in the beginning of 2004, i don't remember exactly when, but i remember the first time i got in to graphic design field i became a multimedia freelance lecturer in a small university in Jogjakarta, indonesia. i was a sophomore at that time and i lectured seniors . Then i became graphic designer, and an art director in an advertising, and then an in house designer before i became a freelance designer just like now.

TAXI>>Oops. My bad. Well, Singgih, you have amazingly complex visuals. Where do you pull all of these out from? Okay, rather, what are your influences and inspirations?

Singgih>>My basic influences would be things that we've done, learned, and things that make me depressed all the time, those kind of things would be the trigger for our soul and intuitions in creating arts. But personally , i admire the works of Matt W. Moore, Dhanank Pambayun and of course Roger Dean.

TAXI>>How would you describe your design process in imagining the concepts for your visuals?

Singgih>>Collecting general ideas, make a little abstraction from the general ideas, and then play, find and use idioms and symbols as visualization of the ideas, and of course past experience is a taking a big part in here.

TAXI>>How do you feel your artwork speaks out to the youth of today?

Singgih>>For me artwork is more like a different media to share, a place to unload my anger, my heartbroken feeling, it's also a place to say that i care about my environment, and a place to devote the religious side of us. So, artwork might be a very positive media to kill your spare time instead of daydreaming and drinking alcohol or using drugs, those are very uncool way to spend you time.

TAXI>>Is it difficult working with a concept or brief provided by your clients, or do they let you run with it?

Singgih>>We have to talk about goals and adaptation here. When we're aiming to be a problem solver, however when a client give you the brief that we have to translate into visual form, it wouldn't hurt us if we want to compromise with client and then mix and match it with our skill and ideas, so we can give a great output for our client and also a great output for ourselves.

Of course it's going to be different if we just work for our own pleasure. But normally, my client pick me because of my style, so the client just give a small brief for me to explore.

TAXI>>Unlike most graphic artists, your color palette is pretty consistent in most of your works, for example your cover for Digital Arts Magazine and your work for a Romanian hip-hop album utilise only a primary color with different tints. Why so, for these pieces?

Singgih>>I'd rather optimized basic things into something that look stunning instead of using something that is already nice and then just add a little of our skill to make it look nicer , with this second way our skill and improvement would never be optimized.

TAXI>>Together with jogjaforce.com you have a part in bringing designdiary.org ( an art & design lounge) to the design masses, and also Design Flip Magazine. From a creative standpoint, what are some of the most cutting-edge trends you see today in the design industry?

Singgih>>I think there’s no specific trend in creative industries, some of design style has a different portion in each, let say we’ll found some simply, clean layout in corporate design, but in some of illustration work we’ll see various style, from matte painting to digital collage.

TAXI>>What is the style of graphic design like, in Indonesia, where you are based?

Singgih>>It is very heterogenous, i think every style might have grown in here, Indonesia is a multi cultural archipelago country , i think that's a positive factor, it gives a lot of different style of graphic design for us to explore, but unfortunately the lack of government support in creative industries has become a little problem that slowed the growth of graphic design field in Indonesia.

TAXI>>I'm sure everyone would love to see your current working space. How about showing it to us?

TAXI>>Okay, before we end, where would you like a TAXI to take you to now?

Singgih>>Ehmmm..dunno, but I will cry if TAXI can carry me to meet with Matt W. Moore

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