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Postopolis! LA

Postopolis! LA

31 March - 4 April 2009

ForYourArt and the Storefront for Art and Architecture were pleased to be part of Postopolis! LA that took place on the rooftop of The Standard, Downtown LA, from 31 March through 4 April 2009.

As a five-day event, Postopolis! LA was packed with near-continuois discussions and conversations about architecture, urbanism, landscape and design.

The event featured six world-renowned bloggers from city states like New York, Paris, San Francisco, Santiago and Sydney, as hosts for the live and open discussions; as well as interviews, slideshows, presentations and panels.

The six host bloggers are David Basulto, Jace Clayton, Regine Debatty, Bryan Finoki, Dan Hill, Geoff Manaugh; and over the course of five days, they invited participants from a multitute of fields to give brief presentations, which were followed by public interviews.

Postopolis! LA was recorded as what is the following up to the first groundbreaking Postopolis! which took place in the month of May in 2007 and saw several thousands of people attending over its duration of five days.

Postopolis! LA also serves as an opportunity to reflect on how blogs participate, redefine and sometimes even lead the architectural conversations that are happening on the street, in the schools, and in practicing design firms around the world in this present day.

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