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My Moleskine Nô To*

My Moleskine Nô To*

6 April 2009
Kinokuniya Singapore Main Store

In collaboration with Books KinoKuniya Singapore, Moleskin presented “My Moleskine Nô To*”, an exhibition that showcased creative talents and their works, fueled by the inspirations gathered from an escapade to Japan.

Armed with imagination and memories from soaking in the wonderful and vibrant cultures of Japan, these renowned artists from various origins (France, Singapore, Hong kong, Japan, Portugal, Philippines, etc.), harmonized their individual backgrounds and personalized styles of expressions as artists, and showcased their artworks and their intimate ways of working that came along with it.

It is known that Moleskine has always been a trusted companion to creative individuals and professionals during the whole process from their rawest form of creative research and doodles to the ultimate creative workings. One famous example is the established and renowned travel wrtier, Bruce Chatwin, who exclusively used the legendary notebook for his writings.

Following Chatwin's footsteps, these international artists pursue their very own personal and creative visions to document and present works in their earliest stages of conception and the whole incubation period leading up to their ultimate completion; all these done with Japan paving a vibrant journey for the whole creative process.

Through this original tactile installation and exhibtion, audiences discovered each page, its creative wonders and inspiring insights of the behind the scenes creations of these international artists.

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