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56th Cannes Lions Festival

Over 100 industry leaders in their respective fields from global brands to creative agencies were present to give keynote talks and seminars. Key players from major organizations present at the festival were brands such as Facebook, Twitter, Advertising Age, and even Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer himself to director Spike Lee. Among the midst of these notable speakers were also Andy Bernt, Global Creative Director of Google, who spoke on Branding with YouTube and Google. With 50 seminars and 20 interactive workshops, delegates were spoilt for choice and kept creatively busy every minute of the day.All day screenings of the Film, Titanium and Integrated entries as well as shortlisted exhibitions allowed for a sneak preview of the brilliant work to be awarded, as well as interactive kiosks around the Palais containing all entries across Press, Outdoor, Direct, Media, Cyber, Radio, Promo, Design and PR, and credit information for all Film, Titanium and Integrated Lions entries, for delegates to digest in their own time.

Not forgetting that both creatives and clients need to have some fun, four award ceremonies, two beach galas, together with breakfasts, lunches and dinners, was a great way to network with the most intelligent and motivated thinkers in the industry.

Images by Martin and Monika Cajzer

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Creative Jobs View all Post jobs
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