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State of Design Festival

State of Design Festival
Melbourne 15-25 July

Back again for the fourth time, State of Design Festival, an initiative of the Victorian State Government, showcased Victorian and Australian design in a 10 day program of over 125 interactive events, exhibitions, workshops, and talks.

The 2009 Festival was one of the best Australian design events ever held, with over 100,000 national and international visitors participating in fun-filled, informative days around public and business events.

Created by Qube Knonstruct, the visual identity for the 2009 State of Design was a graphic response to the theme of this year’s festival,sampling the Future…? Referencing the ‘hanging gardens of Babylon’ the image attempts to convey the idea of a utopian future, enhanced through design.

The juxtaposition of brutaliststyle cast concrete buildings and futuristic architectural forms connects the old and the new, the past and the future, and offers hope for a bright sustainable tomorrow.Design for Everyone- the public program for State of Design

The public program for this year’s State of Design impressed and engaged the general public with over 80 interactive events, exhibitions, workshops and talks throughout the 10 day festival.

The program of events brought together contributions from various design communities such as architecture, interior, landscape, fashion, graphic, and contemporary craft.

Demonstrating and communicating how design can create opportunities for sustainable innovation, generate new products and services and improve our health and social conditions with economic benefit, the Festival encourages collaboration between the design and business communitiy and creates awareness throughout Melbourne and regional Victoria’s general public via these programs.

Design for Everyone – the Festival’s cultural and public program
Design Capital - the Festival’s business conference
Design Made Trade - the Festival’s trade program
Premier’s Design Awards - the biennial awards program (next held in 2010)
Creative Jobs View all Post jobs
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