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Click 2009

Creative Review, which is one of the most creatively regarded magazines around, held its first ever event in Singapore, bringing a mixture of intelligent creatives from across the globe to present a showcase and share thoughts on one of the hottest topics in the adland today, the digital landscape.

Held in an re-furbished 'greenhouse' concept housing bars and a restaurant, Dempsey House was the perfect location to host the one day conference. TAXI stopped by for a half-day to catch some talks by speakers from well-respected agencies from Drill, Droga 5, Tribal DDB to AKQA.

Mattias Hanson, CEO of HyperIsland with an introduction of his school which specialized in digital media, and illustrated on how the school's unique approach to education produced excellent results. Steering away from the tried-and-tested method, the school creates efficient co-workers and relationships in workplaces. Without classrooms, books, exams or grades, but instead, with real clients, learning and engaging active participation while ultilising digital media as a tool, these students get out of their comfort zone and learn only by doing.Partner of Droga 5, Sudeep Gohil proved that it was possible for both Creativity and Strategy to work together. By presenting on how creative people are also planners, and how both worlds need each other for a genuine collaboration, he also interspersed his talk with some of Droga 5's works, one of which was a Virgin Mobile ad which reconnected youth with real music.

Another interesting presentation by Dirk Eschenbacher, was that viral need not neccessarily be a video, it could also be a product, to which he showcased a project with a brief to save the trees. A faux USB chainsaw was set up for sale on a website to unknowing consumers, which upon purchase, they were directed to download an application where they discovered that it was a prank, with the message that printers run on trees. Another interesting one were music banners sponsored by Axion bank, which supported the youth by buying banner space and hosting the first-ever innovative banner concerts.

With a small but compact audience turn-out, a hot debate during the conference was how to sell digital work to clients, and how to convince the client to buy them. With Creative Review's leading digital event taking place next in New York and London, Click provides a platform platform to both global award winners and niche local creative shops alike to tell the full story behind the most influential digital campaigns of 2009 and predict the trendsetters of 2010.
Creative Jobs View all Post jobs
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