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Fritz Hansen - An Evening with Hiromichi Konno

In collaboration with Fritz Hansen, product designer Hiromichi Konno has designed the latest RIN chair.

As part of a workshop held last week, upmarket furniture retailer SPACE played host to the designer, who unveiled the RIN chair to architects and designers. The Japanese designer first presented his previous works, having worked for a number of international brands from George Jensen to Ross Lovegrove.

The Rin chair marks an asian designer's first-ever collaboration with danish brand Fritz Hansen, well-known for their iconic Swan and Egg chairs. Sharing his design ethos and inspirations, Konno revealed that the word RIN comes from the Japanese definition of an appearance which is stunning, elegant and courageous.Designed to evoke emotions, it is an elegant and futuristic chair, which allows one to sit comfortably in it for hours with its round shell and integrated arm rest. RIN was inspired by his curiosity which surrounds the form of a birds nest, which is both practical and useful.

"My chair should preferably radiate a sophisticated, simple beauty. I think that people will experience many different things when they sit in the chair; because a chair is not just a form. The most important element by far in furniture design is that it can create communication and emotions between people", explained Konno.

One of the most sought after contemporary designers today, Hiromichi Konno has since opened a new design studio in Tokyo.
Creative Jobs View all Post jobs
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