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SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution

From now till December 20, 2009, SHOWstudio.com, the award-winning website led by high-profile photographer Nick Knight, will run its first-in-a-series exhibition SHOWStudio: Fashion Revolution at the Somerset House in London.

Featuring a stellar cast from the fashion, design, and entertainment industry, including Alexander McQueen, Brad Pitt, Peter Saville, Kate Moss, and David Bailey amongst many others, the exhibition showcased retrospectives of SHOWstudio's groundbreaking projects around the three central themes of 'Process', 'Performance', and 'Participation', providing a unique insight into the world of Fashion.

One main, and wildly-tweeted, draw to the exhibition has to be the 'Live Studio', which provides visitors to the exhibition a real-time observation to the live setting of high-end fashion shoots by renowned image-makers such as Jason Evans, Alice Hawkins, and Craig McDean. For the fashion voyeur, this is the ultimate experience as a two-way mirror allows the audience to observe unseen.

Well, the more static displays did not fail to impress either. The minute when one walks in through the entrance of Somerset House gallery, a giant sculpture of world leading black model Naomi Campbell greets. Crafted through advanced 3-D scanning and rapid prototyping, the sculpture seemed to function as "a cypher for our pre-occupations and unwavering interest in the culture of celebrity."Walk up the stairs, and 'The Bridegroom Stripped Bare' had Alexander McQueen at his exuberant best as he transforms a bridegroom into a bride in a frenzy of cutting, ripping, painting and gaffer-taping. Lining one side of the exhibition hallway was 'Picture / Message: Poser', an Michael Powell's Peeping Tom-inspired project, which caught familiar names Anna Wintour, Mario Testino, Patrick Demarchelier, and Isabella Blow on camera.

Models and celebrities attributed to the success of the exhibition too. In 'Freedom of Love', A-list Hollywood superstar Brad Pitt recited the Andre Breton's poem, and energetically painting and writing over various manipulations of his own passport photos, in the intention to dissolve the margins between the actor's projected images, his actuality in the studio, and his self-painted image on backdrop paper.

'Sleep' had Nick Knight caught beautiful models on live image broadcasting as they slept gracefully while the webcam run. The attention on the oh-so-beautiful beings continue with 'More Beautiful Women' when the photographer asked models to stand in front of the camera for two minutes until being told to stop. It's interesting to see Linda Evangelista fidget uncomfortably in front of the camera.

In summary, the exhibition is a perfect embodiment of how the fashion website philosophizes, experiments, and revolutionizes. Though honest, candid, and probably pre-photoshopped, SHOWstudio: Fashion Revolution was still nothing short of glamour and gloss. Don't miss out.
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