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Graphex 2010: Meet the Judges

Vancouver, Canada – As part of Graphex 2010, a “Meet the Judges” event was held as an interactive way for the design community to discuss and debate with this year’s carefully selected judging panel.

Presented by the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada (GDC), Graphex is meant to promote the value of design to the Canadian public and business community, to celebrate the industry’s best and “to create an archive of Canadian design for future generations.” Together, five judges joined in Vancouver as this year’s panel to award the best in Canadian Design. Before commencing the two-day judging process, an evening event was held for the design community to get to know the judges better, mingle and interact with them.

Located in the upbeat venue, District 319, the judges spoke on this year’s theme: Reflection | Projection – an account for their experiences in the design field within the past two years, as well as thoughts and insight of what we can expect for the future of design.

Julia Hoffman, Creative Director of Advertising and Graphic Design at MoMA, began the evening with a presentation of some of her recent work; highlighting influential and momentous collaborations, such as working on a short TV spot with the infamous Tim Burton.

Mark Randall, Principal of Worldstudio followed with a passionate presentation of his bold design work, with a focus on social issues – “design as an agent for social change” as he is known for.

Shortly after, Louise Fili, Principal of Louise Fili, Ltd. brought us into her world and shared her true love of Italy, typography, and cooking, and how, as an entrepreneur, she found a way to combine her passions and turn them into profit. (Something she believes design programs should include more of in their curriculum)Rolando Diep, Creative Director at Landor Associates Latin America, gave an honest account of some of his experiences in a well-constructed presentation, outlining the practice of effective design concepts, process and decision-making. His presentation also focused on branding differentiation, relevance, esteem, knowledge, and how these practices lead to sound branding strategies. His presentation concludes with topics on future design challenges, creativity, uniqueness, human-touch, and subjectivity.

Finishing off the presentations, was Vancouver local Matt Warburton, MGDC, Founder and Co-Principal of Emdoubleyu Design, who engaged us in a respectful look at some of the most influential designers in Canadian design history, and its European and Swiss influence in the 1960’s. Finally, he ended with his reflection on how he was influenced by such styles throughout his professional practice.

The evening ended with audience participation – questioning the judging panel on topics like sustainability, the economy, professional practice, and the future of our industry. Both professionals and students participated with a few laughs, thought-provoking comments, new inspiration, and anticipation of the next GDC event - ICOGRADA DESIGN WEEK 2010 – Design Currency – April 24-29, 2010.

This event was attended by TAXI Editorial Correspondents.

Text By Sarah Klassen
Photography by David Arias
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