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FITC Amsterdam 2010

FITC returns to Amsterdam for the third year with an impressive line up. With a history spanning over 30 events over the last 8 years through 18 cities around the world, the conference is set to be an inspiration to many by boasting the most creative talents from the world of Flash to Motion Design, FLEX to AIR, Mobile and more.

This event provides speakers to cross both creative and development. First up for the creatives was Gmunk. Bradley went through a retrospective of his work, showing how his style has developed over the years, and further discussed some of the challenges he has faced in working for brands with questionable ethics. You only have to watch Gmunk's showreel to see the quality of its works, which just seems to be improving over time.

This remarkable kick-start to the event is followed by a behind the scenes look at pencilrebel.com spearheaded by its creator, Grzegorz Kozakiewicz. His enthusiasm he has for his craft is infectious. The sheer time and effort put into the creation of the site was laid out for all to see, in what was an entertaining and enlightening look into what was involved in its creation.

Erik Natzke closed the day with an awe inspiring look at how he creates truly stunning works of art in flash. For those unfamiliar with Erik's work, it was great to have the man present to explain how he does what he does, and the opportunities that have came from it. Erik gave out free prints at the end, causing a bit of a stampede. If you want your own you can purchase them here.

Day two kicked off with Scott Hansen who went through his amazing career. It was interesting to see how his design style has matured over the years and despite his success which includes turning a nice profit selling merch online, Scott still came across as someone nice and genuine. Through his presentation, he has shown everyone present that all you need is a good style, hard work and persistence to be able to make a career out of doing what you love most!

The next speaker, Shaun Hamontree from motion graphic legends MK12, further inspired the audience through his presentation entitled DIY to 007. It is amazing how a relatively small company who are passionate about creating stunning aesthetics, can, via one or two great pieces of personal work, be discovered and approached to work on amazing projects for huge brands. The sheer persistence they showed to land the Quantum of Solace opening titles was an inspiration to all present. The showreel presentation kind of said everything that coud not be conveyed in words. It truly magnified how a talented bunch of people they are!

The guys from De Monsters in Holland were up next to showcase an Adobe Air app they've been working on to help bridge the gap between creative teams and clients. Unfortunately, everything that could have gone wrong, did. The app didn't work, and the guys struggled to get through the session. It was awkward, but they handled it pretty well and managed to convince that their tool, blackbox will be worth keeping an eye on if they can iron out all the bugs.In stark contrast to this was a very slick talk from Chris Bird of United Visual Artists. For those unaware, UVA is a UK based company which creates stunning visual installations, mostly using light. Their work is truly breathtaking.

Last up was the much awaited presentation by David Eriksson from North Kingdom.These guys are producing the best work in the digital arena at the moment. Instead of going through North Kingdom's back catalogue of work, David gave great insight into how the company works, what their values are, and how they stick to them no matter what. It's very important for an agency to have a working environment that encourages creativity and one that feels like home, North Kingdom has that nailed. From initial concepts, to storyboards, to early animatics, it was good to see how the project came to life.

The whole event came to a close with the wrap party at Supper Club in the heart of Amsterdam. It was a fantastic night, and a great opportunity to talk one on one with some of the speakers. Chris from UVA, and the North Kingdom guys were particularly friendly, and up for a laugh. It was a shame there wasn't something similar to open up the conference, as it really helped in getting know a few more people present. However, The guys from FITC really did a fantastic job, and the whole thing ran so smoothly, it was the perfect example of how to run a conference that inspired and educated but most of all felt like you were part of a close community of people exploring the creative possibilities of all things digital.

This event was attended by TAXI Editorial Correspondents.

Kev Charlton is Head of Innovation at full service digital agency fuse8. He manages a team of experts in digital marketing and website development. He works closely with his team on all online projects as well as collaborating with other areas of the business on a multitude of integrated projects.

Photography by Bram Timmer & Marcin Cajzer
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