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Graphex Awards 2010

Vancouver, Canada – As part of the closing ceremonies of Icograda Design Week 2010, the announcement and presentation was held for the Graphex 2010 Awards, celebrating the best in visual communication in Canada.

This much anticipated red carpet event was hosted at the Canvas Lounge, Vancouver, an exclusive private venue located in trendy Gastown, on April 29, 2010.The evening included a cocktail reception, gourmet appetizers, the announcement of this year’s Award winners, as well as a sponsors’ trade show. As opposed to the award galas that have been held in the past, this year’s upbeat affair promised plenty of time to mingle and celebrate—a chance to connect with various designers, locals and internationals alike. Among many familiar faces influencing the design scene in Vancouver, we spotted the likes of Mark Busse from Industrial Brand, Corey Ripley from Exhibit: A, David & Rod from Ion Design, Isabelle Swiderski from Seven25, and Ian Grais from Rethink. A large screen held a slideshow of moments throughout design week, a reflection of the judging process, and interview clips of this year’s judging panel.

The witty and talented Debbie Millman, President of the design division at Sterling Brands, was selected to introduce this year’s award winners. She eloquently spoke of her belief that through the current (and past) economic crisis—issues of community, economy, etc.—the way to greatness and recovery is through solving problems, by design. Millman expressed great privilege of being apart of today’s design community.

Notably, Quebec’s Paprika took home a number of awards, including first place for: The Annual Report category, the Editorial Magazine category, the Corporate Identity category, the Packaging category, the Signage/Environmental category and the Self-Promo category.Uppercase won for the category of Book Design, for (Vol.1) Camilla Engman. Orangetango won for the Corporate Literature category, “Come Play”, and for the Multi-Media category as well. Identica, Montreal won for the Poster Design category, for their intricate and well-designed “Feria du Velo”, featuring the 2009 Bicycle Festival.

The next segment of the announcements included the Judge’s Choice Award – 5 awards for passion in design. In memory of Leo Obstbaum, Ali Gardiner, of VANOC, who was involved with the branding and design for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, announced the following Judge’s Choice selection:

Rolando Diep: Uppercase –Suitcase Series of books
Julia Hoffman: Paprika - 2009 Holiday Season
Matt Warburton: Switch United - MEC Co-Op branding
Louise Fili: Identica- “Vive la France”
Mark Randall: Re-think - “Qmunity”

“An extensive selection of the top submissions will be presented to the public through exhibitions at venues across Canada. The traveling Graphex 2010 Exhibit commences May 2nd, 2010 at the Pendulum Gallery (885 West Georgia, Vancouver).” Please check http://graphex.gdc.net for more details.

This event was attended by TAXI Editorial Correspondents.

Text By Sarah Klassen
Photography by David Arias
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