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OFFF 2010

After the Barcelona, New York, Lisbon and Oeiras venues of previous years, the OFFF festival this time round took place in the sunny Parisian weather.

Held during the last days of June, the festival was once again a great occasion to meet and discover prominent actors of digital culture through a wide panel of artists, motion design studios, and print, web and interactive designers.

The festival showcased projects that weren’t limited to a single medium but ones that mixed-and-matched techniques, forms and media. From handmade animation to advanced 3D, from street marketing guerillas to internet communities, from old-school letterpresses to touch screen applications, OFFF had them all.

Goodby, Silverstein & Partners’ talk on their ‘Summit on the Summit’ project for HP was a good example of this multi-channel global communication within advertising: a fully interactive website, a charity project with celebrities updating the website live, viral videos, and so on.Knife Party’s collaborative project for Coalition of the Willing was also a strong example of the immensity of possibilities in motion graphics techniques. But what the project proved was how people on opposite sides of the world can now collaborate on a single project; it had sound design from Australia, stop-motion from France and 3D from India all communicating and sharing ideas through the internet.

Amongst numerous brilliant agencies, standouts included Universal Everything’s interesting crossover between art and design, unique letterpress combinations by Craig Ward, sharp and smart web and graphic design by Area 17, and…the absence of H5, who didn't feel they needed to show up.

This event was attended by TAXI Editorial Correspondent.

Text & Photography By Antoine Corbineau
Creative Jobs View all Post jobs
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