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PicTurin Festival 2010

Artists from around Europe gathered in the Italian city of Turin for the inaugural PicTurin festival held through October, the first international event celebrating mural art.

Armed with spray cans, paint and stencils, artists like Erica il Cane, Truly Design, Roa, Sagua, Grito, Spok, Morcky, Cactus & Maria, ZEDZ and XTRM got into action as soon as they arrived, tagging parts of the city with their brand of street art.

According to Riccardo Lanfranco, the Chief of Association Il Cerchio E Le Gocce, the festival worked closely with the government. With that support, and the fact that Turin is also this year’s European Youth Capital, the artists were given the opportunity to brighten and liven up the city.

Meeting with the Artists

The first meet with the artists—Aryz, Grito, Sagua, Spok and Roa—was great. They were given a set of simple questions and, given their occupation, their answers had to be handwritten. The icebreaker session turned out to be quite fun.

When asked what was the best part of the festival, both Belgian artist Roa and his Austrian counterpart Nychos said it was the great lineup of the artists that attended (and left their literal mark) on the festival.

The Murals

From downtown to the suburbs, the city was flourished with beautiful mural art. Each artist spent about a week on their designated wall; and onlookers were in for a treat by just observing these artists at work. A total of over 3,500 square meters of wall were painted legally.

The future of the PicTurin

It’s only been its first go, so what lies ahead of PicTurin is still unpredictable. Things are looking bright as the crew went about tagging and promoting their art—and the art form itself—around the city. Hopefully, the festival will be exported to other cities in time to come.

Click to view more pictures of the festival.

This event was attended by TAXI Editorial Correspondent.
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