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Flowchart: How to Make Money on the Internet

Each week, TAXI will curate a selection of new products and projects from Fast Company's Co.Design, a web magazine that showcases the people, products and projects that are roiling the design world. This series will join other picks from technology to fashion to architecture and interiors, all culled from select blogs and websites.

Flowchart: How to Make Money on the Internet
FastCompany.com is back with another excellent flowchart by Doogie Horner, this time showing the myriad ways that one can make money off the internet. (Yes, there are myriad, and not just porn and search engines.) Enjoy.

Click for bigger image.

More cool design picks, courtesy of Fast Company's Co.Design:

1. A Beautiful Watch for Minimalist Dandies
No gimmicks, no frills.

2. Cadillac's Touchscreen-Filled City Car
Is Tiny but Swank

Big on features, small on space.

3. A Sofa Whose Cushions Hold Your
Phone, Books, and Remotes

Never lose your keys to the sofa again.

4. A Robotic Kaleidoscope That Hangs
From the Ceiling

Mirrors on the ceiling…

Creative Jobs View all Post jobs
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