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Famous Brands, Sorted by Color

Behind every memorable brand, there is an unforgettable logo design. And the foundation of a logo design is anchored on three essential pillars: font, color and symbol.

Out of these elements, color is the nucleus of a logo that dictates the charisma. This is because color contribution in logo design is critical in affecting your customers.

Some colors are friendly, while some have the properties of arousing anger. Some can make you hungry while others can do the exact opposite.

Ever wonder why certain logos of the same industry adopt almost the same color scheme? For instance, major fast food and beverage companies employ yellow and red colors in their logo. Likewise, Social Media sites like Twitter and Facebook use the blue tones because of its welcoming and sociable characteristic.

As a graphic designer, I created a color spectrum that illustrates famous brands and their color scheme. Enjoy the Color Bar and try locating your favorite brand.

Written by Charlie B Johnson

Charlie B Johnson is graphic designer and the owner of Graphic Design Blog, a web resource for graphic designers everywhere.
Creative Jobs View all Post jobs
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