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Infographic: Music History as a Magic Carpet Ride

Each week, TAXI will curate a selection of new products and projects from Fast Company's Co.Design, a web magazine that showcases the people, products and projects that are roiling the design world. This series will join other picks from technology to fashion to architecture and interiors, all culled from select blogs and websites.

Infographic Of The Day: Music History Becomes A Magic Carpet Ride

The Guardian is back with another one of its scrolling interactive timelines, this time dedicated to music history since the dawn of the 20th century.

As with its previous timeline on the Middle East uprisings, The Guardian's infographic revolves around a rather ingenious scrolling interface: Each band represents a different music genre, and stories along the timeline get little bubble markers. These in turn are color coded by story type, whether it's a "death" or a "new sound", and you can click to read more.

A bit like Guitar Hero, in a good way, right? But where it all breaks down is the content itself. What made the Arab Uprising timeline so great was that The Guardian's coverage was so extensive; ergo, you needed a timeline to make sense of the various strands of narrative happening in such a complex chain of events. By contrast, The Guardian's music coverage has been a bit…suspect.

Let's take the era around 2007. Let's pick the dance music genre, which has been popular all across Europe. At the time, Daft Punk had just come off a now-legendary sold-out world tour with The Rapture; Justice was destroying England with seven tour dates in the country. And one of the country's best papers was writing about The Blackout Crew and how they "put a donk in it".

Good God, we forgot about that bit of awfulness. Thanks for reminding us, infographics.

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