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How To Further Your Freelancing Career

Freelancing is a wonderful job for anyone wanting to work for themselves. A freelancer is also called an “independent contractor”, which is a fancy term for working for no one but themselves. In the past, this was called working from home or owning your own business. Today, when you choose to work online by yourself and for yourself, that is known as freelancing.

When you do freelance work and want to promote yourself online, the first thing to do is create a website to promote the business and services you are offering. Another place to advertise your services and business is at local grocery stores in your area. Bulletin boards are often there for people to advertise their businesses.

Using social media tools to advertise yourself is a great way to promote your career. Find groups through social networking that have lots of members involved and jump right in there. Right away, you have the perfect audience and you can tell them what you do and get your name out on the social networking industry. Share ideas and information with others about your career. The people you network with can benefit you and help you promote your work and help you get followers to your web page or profile.

Blogging can be a great way to promote your own career. When you first begin promoting yourself or your business, get involved in all the blog discussions you can find there. Add to the blog and give informative input to what the blog is about.

Message forums are a good way to promote your career. By using the internet, you can do a search on the business you are in and check for any message forums that discuss some of the ups and downs, how to better promote and where to promote. People that are on message forums can offer a world of advice and if they have experience in the business, you may get your best tips and ideas here how to market the business. Don’t just check on one website, try as many as you can find and get involved and take in all the information you can. Ask questions! Asking questions on forums is going to be a great way to get answers you need. Someone, somewhere, somehow has probably done what you’re doing now and can help you.

Good results won’t happen overnight but take time. Go slow and learn how to attract followers, members and listen to what others tell you about your business and follow good advice if you get it. Learn to accept constructive criticism.

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This is a cross-post from Creative Agency Freelancing.

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Marie Warren is from RecruitmentRevolution.com who specializes in fixed-price recruitment in the UK.

Creative Agency Freelancing was started by Mark Bowley, a freelance graphic designer in the UK who has been working for London design and advertising agencies for over 14 years. Creative Agency Freelancing is designed to provide ideas and tips to help professionals who work freelance at design, advertising and marketing agencies.

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