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How Do You Use Your Free Time?

Four options to bolster your career and personal life.

While freelance workers face many challenges that full-time employees do not, like finding health insurance, worrying about steady payment, etc, we do have the luxury of having a flexible schedule. While we work just as hard (if not harder) than full-time workers, we can choose to have longer periods of free time. I personally believe that you can judge a person not by their jobs but by what they do with their free time. As a freelancer, you have the opportunity to truly enrich your life and, in the process, bolster your career:

1. Take a class or learn a new skill.

To me, there’s nothing more inspiring and motivating than learning something new. It keeps you young, it has the potential to expand your career opportunities, and it’s just downright fun! Some good ideas for new skills to learn for freelancers include, web design, foreign languages, and photography.

2. Travel and write about your experiences.

Especially if you are freelance writer or photographer, traveling is an indispensible way to rev up your creative juices. The best part about being a freelancer is that you can travel and work, since your office is wherever your laptop is. Travel when you can afford it and write about your experiences. Who knows? You could turn one of your pieces into a freelance project for a travel magazine!

3. Do some in-person networking.

Nowadays, most people will do networking online. As a freelancer, it’s possible that many of your client relationships have been conducted solely online. And of course, there’s nothing wrong with this. At the same time, you’re missing out on a whole client base that doesn’t use the internet to find contract work for their businesses. Use your free time to pick up the phone, go to community mixers and events, and generally just put yourself out there. Have fun with it! Don’t forget to bring business cards!

4. Work on a longer creative project.

Most of your projects are likely interesting in their own right, but sometimes you just need to work on something more creative. Write that novel you’ve been planning, start a band, or compose a song. Maybe you used to do woodwork. Build a dollhouse for children! Whatever it is, sometimes we just need a longer, more involved creative project to help us refocus and revive.

Of course, there’s something to be said for wasting your free time just relaxing, spending time with friends, or just veging out on the couch. But next time you indulge in idleness, think of different ways you can use your time more effectively. Good luck!

Cover image and top image from Shutterstock.

This is a cross-post from Creative Agency Freelancing.

Lauren Bailey is a freelance blogger who loves writing about education, new technology, lifestyle and health. As an education writer, she works to research and provide information for those comparing the best online colleges and courses and welcomes comments and questions via email at blauren 99 @gmail.com.

Creative Agency Freelancing was started by Mark Bowley, a freelance graphic designer in the UK who has been working for London design and advertising agencies for over 14 years. Creative Agency Freelancing is designed to provide ideas and tips to help professionals who work freelance at design, advertising and marketing agencies.

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