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3 Shortcuts To Discovering The Life of Your Dreams

Is there something magical—a force, a power, a science— which a few people understand and use to overcome life’s challenges? To go on to remarkable success? I firmly believe that there is.

It is that mystical, ethereal quality that explains the magic of coincidences, of dreams, of imagination.

I realized that I had run across something that was workable one day not too many years ago when a Past-President of a company I had worked for phoned me out of the blue. He was calling me to suggest that a presentation, which I had run by him for review just before I left the organization, would work if I tried certain tactical approaches.

Now, this was a man I had come to admire and deeply respect. He had been brilliant at strategic planning for our company and was able to remain affable and genuinely interested in the activities of all employees… from warehouse personnel to his executive team. I learned a lot about people and life from this bright light and on that particular morning, when I hung up the phone in awe, I started to believe…

This ‘elusive something’ has always been known to a fortunate few over the centuries, but for some unknown reason, has not been grasped by the average person.

To begin with, I have been born with a curious nature and have an insatiable appetite for books and learning. I am continually seeking answers or explanations that are not easily explained. I have read hundreds of books from self-help, New Age, Christian Science, Buddhism, quantum physics, ancient civilizations, and many more on what I term mind-stuff.

Many of these books were illogical or foolish, others were strange, and many, many of them were deeply profound. But, there was a common thread that ran through all those books. It worked for those who accepted and applied the teachings… and that thread can be stated in a single word… belief.

Belief could be coined as "the miracle worker" for, this would indeed explain why some cancer-riddled patients have been cured, or other people reach phenomenal business success. What about the ability to walk across hot coals without getting burned, or psychic phenomena?

You see, there is magic in believing. Fortunately for the world, people are starting to realize that there is something to this mind-stuff after all.

3 Shortcuts to help you get there:

  1. We all have energy fields within and around our bodies. These vibrational fields are influential in controlling your physiology and your health. When your thoughts are a match to that which you desire, your emotional range would be from contentment, to expectation, to eagerness, to joy.

  2. Negative thoughts, however, lower your vibrational level and you will attract like-vibrations, or energy to you. It makes sense doesn’t it? Think about it. When you’re happy you’re full of energy! Keep those negative thoughts from making a home in your mind.

  3. Your emotions provide a wonderful guidance system, if you pay attention to them. Nothing can occur in your life experience without you inviting it in through your thoughts.

Keep your thoughts healthy. Be open to receiving good things in your life and then let go of the attachment to the outcome. It works whether you understand it or not. If you practice these simple steps, you will soon come to discover the magic of believing.

Here’s what I have for you.

Cover image and top image from Shutterstock.

This is a cross-post from Ezine Articles.

Deborah Hall is a Workshop Leader, Spiritual Teacher, and go-to person on a quest to help forward-thinking companies who believe that people are their biggest asset, tap into the power of human potential. She is the author of an upcoming book on how to ‘get out of your head’ and ‘get your head in the game’ in a healthful way. Hall’s practical step-by-step approach allows people to have amazing discoveries about themselves and really pare down to their essence without removing their uniqueness!

Visit her at http://www.calmtoday.com. You can catch the free online webcast to see for yourself how easy this can be. (Come on, you know you can do this!) Invest in yourself. You’re worth it!

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