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Dare to Create Authentically

I was watching a documentary about the dying art of Jazz music. It showed a group of Jazz musicians coming together, combining their talents to create music by spontaneously improvising. I was intrigued by the trance like process as they lost themselves in the slow emergence of music only defined by a common rhythm and key.

In an interview with the trumpet player, something he said really got me thinking. He shared something that one of his favorite musicians said. That the music he created came from “who he was”. This was a scary realization for the trumpet player, because it meant that as a musician he had to get in touch with his true self.

During our education, training or when we’re working for someone else, it’s easy to get thrown off track from how we originally envisioned ourselves as a creative professional or working artist.

Perhaps you pictured yourself becoming a jazz musician, but ended up playing background music for a TV show or maybe you yearned to create beloved animation films and ended up working on video games. Perhaps your true desire was to be a mixed media artist, but ended up painting murals for hotels.

Although it’s important to find ways to financially support yourself throughout your career, it’s equally important to stay aligned and connected to your authentic dreams and goals. Most importantly connected to what works for you and who you are.

Part of conveying your authentic creative expression is getting in touch with who you are and giving yourself the permission to stay true to that vision without being hindered by parameters, expectations or ideas of the world and others.

When you stay aligned with your true self, you are more inclined to create work that comes from the heart and soul of who you are. When you risk being truly authentic in your work it adds a depth and richness that reflects what is truly meaningful to you.

In a world filled with reality shows, the next miracle diet, false images of success, I do believe the world is craving authenticity. As you create authentically you give the world the opportunity to connect with what is real and those genuine parts of who you are. Your true gift to the world.

Cover image and top image from Shutterstock.

This is a cross-post from The Art of Mind.

Lisa A Riley, MA, LMFT is a Creativity Coach and has spent more than nine years working with creative individuals such as artists, actors, designers, musicians, writers, and actors. She “helps to empower clients to take steps towards enhancing their creativity and move closer to becoming the artist they envisioned themselves to be”. See her multiple ‘Products for Your Creative Success’ on her site The Art of Mind.

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