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Has Routine Masked A Need For A Career Change?

After years of working in your creative industry it’s easy to get settled in the routine of your career. But for many of us come mid career we start yearning for something to rekindle that passion for our work and inspiration in our creativity.

It can sneak up on us and suddenly one day we find ourselves feeling bored and uninspired with the projects we’re working on and questioning the direction of our career.

It’s typical to try to brush this feeling off by going on vacation, taking time off or introducing new activities into our personal life. Although these things are important to explore, what I have found with my clients is that these avenues didn’t resolve the real issue at hand.

Being able to recognize the signs that you may be in need of a career change is vital. It’s paying attention to the prompting coming from your own creative self.

Believe me, I understand if it comes down to having to consider making a serious decision around your career, it can be a scary reality to look at.

What I’ve discovered working with countless creative professionals is that part of being creative is that your creativity craves new ways to express itself. The nature of creativity is that it always wants to expand and maximize it’s potential in whatever avenue or form that is.

But like many of us creative individuals, we weren’t taught how to recognize the signs that our creativity might be starving or in need of a career shift.

What signs should you look for?
  • Lack motivation to do your creative work
  • A sense of dissatisfaction with a job or work you once loved
  • Easily distracted by what other people are doing or suggesting you do
  • Unable to focus on one direction because unclear where to take your career
  • Grasping at possible solutions hoping to awaken passion in your work
  • Feeling unsure of what you really want to do
  • Lack of creativity or inspiration
  • Feeling an urgency to make a drastic career decision
    Struggling with being productive
  • Feeling of dread when starting a new project or assignment
  • Feeling disheartened around not utilizing your full creative potential
  • Seriously questioning if you should stay in your profession or industry

Maybe you need to consider learning new skills to add to your existing expertise. Perhaps it’s seeking out more challenging projects or something more pivotal like a career change. Maybe you just have a sense you may need a change, but feel unclear on where to start.

We all have our blind spots. That is why it’s important to get the support and guidance to help get clear and define what steps to take so you can begin to get a sense of a direction. For this reason it’s crucial to invest in a program, join a group of other professionals, talk to a mentor, hire a coach or simply begin to ask yourself the following questions:
  • What things (type of work, form of art, hobby, etc) excite & energizes me?
  • What do I find myself gravitating towards?
  • If money wasn’t an issue, what would I be doing?

Cover image and top image from Shutterstock.

This is a cross-post from The Art of Mind.

Lisa A Riley, MA, LMFT is a Creativity Coach and has spent more than nine years working with creative individuals such as artists, actors, designers, musicians, writers, and actors. She “helps to empower clients to take steps towards enhancing their creativity and move closer to becoming the artist they envisioned themselves to be”. See her multiple ‘Products for Your Creative Success’ on her site The Art of Mind.

Creative Jobs View all Post jobs
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