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Did You Lose Your Creative Juices?

Just as a trip to a new place can set your imagination off, so can a visit to something old. If you are looking for ways to spark your imagination, try rekindling things from your past. Our pasts are rich with memories, some long forgotten, that can be resurrected and built upon even if only as a form of creative outlet.

When I say “visit your past”, I don’t just mean your old neighborhood or long lost friends, though, those can be rich resources for creativity. Visiting your past can also mean taking time to reread a favorite book and ponder what it was that made it so special. Or to watch an old movie you haven't seen for years. These can spark emotional memories to the times when we first were exposed to these things. It also maybe that with the passage of time, we can now look as these older loves in a new light and that too can be a catalyst for the creative process.

If you choose to visit an old haunt or neighborhood, let your eyes take in not only the images of what was there before, but what is there now. Changes to these old beloved places can trigger a response, an idea. Something that wasn’t there before can make you take in the scene in a whole new light. And that is what creativity needs, something to get it rolling.

Talk to elderly people. Find out about their lives, their interests, what they did when they were young, what it was like where they lived. All of these points could be the beginnings of inspiration for you to find your creativity.

Spend some time in vintage and second hand shops. You will find a remarkable wealth of minutia to stimulate your thought processes—everything from clothing and books to household goods and war memorabilia. Linger in the aisles and absorb the atmosphere of times gone by. Let it carry you to another time, another place. This mental or even spiritual trip can invigorate you and leave you filled with new ideas and a sense of purpose only your creativity can fulfill.

When your creativity is slumping and you are at an impasse, drag out an old trunk from the attic or that old book of photographs. The trip down memory lane could be just the muse you were looking for. And if nothing else, you will have distracted yourself for a couple of hours—sometimes that is all the overcrowded mind needs in order to clear the slate and start with something fresh.

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