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Get Freelance Jobs Easily With Social Media Sites

Freelance jobs have become the solution providers. There is a wide range of freelance jobs that are gaining popularity like marketing, web designing, content development, blogging, consulting, recruiting, data entry etc. But you need to ensure that the job will maintain a steady and regular flow of income. To find freelance clients you can use social media sites.

Social media has taken online communication to a different level. Almost everyone uses social media for all types of interactions, be it personal or professional. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter have gained momentous popularity. With these sites you can connect easily with people, share your thoughts and views, post your blogs and build a huge following.

Listed below are some of the social media sites that you can use for getting freelance jobs easily:


Facebook is undoubtedly the biggest and the most popular social media site. Almost everyone is on Facebook. With a billion members, this is the best platform for marketing yourself for freelance work. You need to improve your visibility online and create a Facebook page for your freelance business. Let the people know that you are looking out for freelance job, enquire from your friends, provide links to sites or projects that you have completed. Stay on people’s mind.


Twitter builds relationships and conversations with the followers and also with people whom you follow. These people, even if they are not hiring freelancers, they would have contact with people who are hiring for such jobs. Twitter is more professional in nature rather than personal. Even freelance jobs are advertised in this site. The only downside of using Twitter for searching freelance jobs is that unlike Facebook, where the referrals come from trusted friends, the referrals in Twitter will be from the people who know nothing more than what they see on the site. Mostly they don’t have personal relationships.

Now how to go about it? Search for freelance jobs through the various links in twitter. Follow people and companies with whom you want to work, follow their timelines and be on their radar so that they are aware about you. Ensure that your portfolio is all encompassing, mentioning your professional skills and also share your links to your works or blogs, if any. Search for people with similar goals and interests as yours.


LinkedIn is a job site and its main purpose is to enhance careers. It is not used in the way Facebook and Twitter is used, wherein you keep your friends and colleagues updated with your messages and photos. This site is purely professional. With this site you have the opportunity to list all your skills and work experiences. Post your complete profile and highlight the type of job you are looking out for. Provide links to your blogs, websites or Flickr accounts. Be proactive in making contacts. Try to improve your LinkedIn SEO by using plenty of keywords. Update your status frequently and make new contacts. To make your name visible on your contacts’ pages, try to join groups in LinkedIn like Advertising Freelance, Designers Talk and Freelance Professional etc. Participate in the group’s discussions and also share any useful information you have with the group members.


A blog can prove to be quite helpful in attracting and retaining the attention of audience. A blog well presented will lead you to your prospective client and influence their decision making in your favor. Keep your blogs related to the job that you are looking out for. Use relevant images for your blogs. Ensure that all the structural elements are in place so that your readers can identify you easily. Thus, make use of social media sites and get freelance jobs easily.

Cover image and top image from Shutterstock and The Creative Finder.

This is a cross-post from Creative Agency Freelancing.

Shabnam is a blogger who shares tips on interviews, resume writing and career management plans for savvy job seekers. At present she blogs for jobs Coimbatore, the fastest growing career website that helps people to find out amazing job opportunities in the field of administration, accounting, management, engineering, IT/BPO and more.

Creative Agency Freelancing was started by Mark Bowley, a freelance graphic designer in the UK who has been working for London design and advertising agencies for over 14 years. Creative Agency Freelancing is designed to provide ideas and tips to help professionals who work freelance at design, advertising and marketing agencies.

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