2012 Trend Summary: World records, inventions, and the overdone

The creative world is a competitive one. Whether you're out to set a new world record, or in the pursuit for the 'next big idea', we want to help you get ready. Below we have compiled some of the year's most innovative, popular, and over-exposed ideas to make sure you don't get left behind in 2012. And of course, a glimpse of what to expect in the new year, too.
Top 10 World Records of 2012

We recall the extreme measures of breaking records�from food to technology and the pride of being infamous.
Top 10 Most Overdone Trends of 2012

From LEGO to Star Wars, Disney Princesses and Vending Machines, these are some things that creators, innovators, and designers can�t get enough of.
Top 10 Weirdest Inventions of 2012

Creativity is one thing, but necessity is a completely different department that makes these creations questionable.
The Top 10 Most-Googled Things Of 2012

From global games to historical elections and everything in between, the company�s �Zeitgeist 2012� features comprehensive lists that best reflect the year.
Top 10 Things To Look Forward To In The Future

From new ways of charging your phone, to mind-controlled devices and recycling human waste, these are advancements in technology we think we could expect in the future, that would better the human race.
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