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» What are the various editorial features on TAXI?

The Front Seat

Bringing in effective exposure to Exclusive Members, The Front Seat is a week-long promotion for their portfolios, which will grace our network front, and an exclusive interview designed to provide constructive inspirations to emerging artists.

The Driver Speaks

The Driver Speaks provides useful information and insightful advice from industry-leading influencers. We call this the '100% useful' section.

Technologist on TAXI

The Technologist on TAXI reports all the latest technological developments within our network, and our portfolio membership services. 

Image of the Day

The Image of the Day section is set up to better display our members' work on TAXI. Each day, we'll pick one work that we feel is especially inspiring and put it up on our homepage, with the link to the corresponding artist's portfolio attached.

The Write Turn

The Write Turn is an ongoing bi-monthly creative review of awe-inspiring design books. Why is this section called The Write Turn? The Write Turn is a written format of communication and it subjects readers to put themselves in the right light to appraise books reviewed.

Direct Access

Direct Access is weekly-updated section comprising of a myriad of columns. It includes Hot Features, which features event coverage exclusive to our TAXI team, Travel Album, which showcases glorious footage of events, as well as Snapshots, which is essentially a series of photographic vignettes featuring events highlight

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