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» How can I increase my portfolio exposure?

Distribute and announce your URL to all of your industry contacts and post your TAXI link up on your personal website, social media networks (facebook, Twitter) etc.

The more views your portfolios generate, the better placement you'll get on the network via our Most Viewed and Most Popular votes.
Update your portfolio regularly. Updating your portfolio on a regular basis shows clients your pro-activeness as well as lists your portfolio on our Updated Portfolios section on the main page, giving you front page visibility to visitors.
Contribute to the network by leaving your feedback and comments on our news and editorial sections; notify the others if you have any cool events or exhibitions coming up. Staying pro-active portrays an engaged creative, hence gaining more interest amongst our members to find out more about you! 
You may also wish to participate and distribute in our Portfolio Showcase World Tour towards advertising agencies and marketing executives around the world. More information can be found via
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