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To Save The Environment, Bottles You Can Eat?

Harvard University professor and biomedical engineer David Edwards— who came up with breathable food, ‘Le Whaf’—has now created edible containers for food and drinks.

To reduce disposal of plastics—which produces human and environmental hazard—the edible containers called, ‘WikiCells’, are natural food membranes held together by electrostatic forces.

According to a statement by Harvard, ‘WikiCells’ are “thin delicious membranes with significant water diffusional resistance and adjoined shells that allow for stability of the WikiCells over long periods of time”.

The edible and biodegradable shells can be made in various forms and sizes, and can contain liquid, emulsion, foam, or solid food substances.

In the future, consumers can also create these ‘WikiCells’ by themselves, with a ‘WikiCell Machine’.

[via DVICE, image via Evgeny Karendaev / Shutterstock]
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