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Japan Introduces World’s First Card-less ATM

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Japanese banking group Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank has announced that it will soon roll out biometric ATMs, that will allow its customers to access their accounts without the need of bank cards or books.

Customers just need to scan their palm, and enter a pin and their birthdate, to withdraw cash from the card-less system.

According to Digital Trends, when the user’s palm is scanned, a “unique vein pattern of an individual’s palm” will be analysed to verify the user.

The system—that’s currently being developed by Japanese technology company Fujitsu—would be introduced in September later this year.


This move was inspired by last year’s earthquake and tsunami disaster—when many survivors were left unable to excess their funds because their bank cards and books, and other forms of identification had been washed away.

The new cardless system, publicized with the tagline “You are the cash card”, would allow users to access their accounts in emergency situations.

The biometric ATMs will be introduced at 7 locations in one of Japan’s biggest cities, Nagoya, and 10 other Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank branches country-wide.

[via DVICE, image via Kokhanchikov / Shutterstock and iDesign / Shutterstock]
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