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Instagram Is Making A Camera With Its $1 Billion

What did Instagram do with its $1 billion from Facebook? It’s making a camera!

Called ‘Instagram Snap’, the camera lets you share your photos “IRL” (in real life).

JUST KIDDING, once again! The Verge created this tongue-in-cheek parody.

In the ‘leaked advertisement’ of Instagram’s hardware, it takes Instagram’s ‘sharing’, ‘custom borders’, ‘commenting’ and ‘filters’ functions literally.

With Instagram Snap, you can ‘share’ these photos with non-Instagram users by passing them the pictures, create ‘custom borders’ by coloring the borders of the pictures with markers, write ‘comments’ on the pictures with a marker, and such.

A camera that is sure to be a hit with hipsters!

Watch the video below for a good laugh:

[via PetaPixel]
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