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What If You Could Photoshop Your Real Life?

Admit it, Photoshop works like magic.

Surely wishing that you could use it for not just images must have crossed your minds.

Well, the folks at Sad and Useless have gone a step closer by imagining the wonders of being able to Photoshop real life situations.

From pacifying a crying baby to moving heavy objects and even making people smarter with just a few ‘tools’, life would be much easier wouldn’t it?

I could easily calm a crying baby

Avoiding problems with cops would be easier

I’d cure stupid people

Crossing a river would be really easy

I’d be rich!

Repainting walls would take less than 2 seconds

Transportation of heavy furniture would be a pleasure

I wouldn’t get into trouble with angry husbands

I’d put funny mustaches on intimidating people

[via Petapixel]
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