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California’s Film Festivals Accepted the Atomic Swindlers Animated Music Video

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Rochester, NY .... The popular Rochester-based band, Atomic Swindlers, continue to get national and international exposure with their animated music video, "Float (my electric stargirl)". Hypefest is the fifth film festival to screen the music video, directed and animated by Joel Trussell. Hypefest provides a bridge between content creators in the independent and commercial communities, and is dedicated to showcasing compelling and entertaining short films, commercials, music videos and promos.

Just prior to the music video being accepted by Hypefest, "Float (my electric stargirl)" received the huge honor of being selected for the Sneak Preview of the international traveling festival, Indie Music Video Festival (IMVF). IMVF promotion relates, "From cartoon spacegirl renegades to a randy boy in a bunny suit, the IMVF brings a wonderfully entertaining selection of the finest submissions to this year's premier Indie Music Video Fest."

In their debut CD "Coming Out Electric", the Atomic Swindlers have created the persona of the 23rd Century rogue-space heroine, April. The visual experience resulting from the engaging lyrics of this concept CD were the inspiration for Director, Joel Trussell's creation of this "Barbarella-meets-Samurai Jack" style animated music video.

"Float (my electric stargirl) animated music video has been accepted by:
- Hollywood, California's Hypefest film and video film festival 2005
- Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle, Toronto and New York's 4th annual Indie
Music Video Festival
- Vancouver's International Digital Festival 2005
- Brooklyn, New York's Animation Block Valentine Film Festival 2005
- Rochester, New York's Image out Film Festival 2004

The Atomic Swindler's live performance is a full and lush sound -a loud rock band propelled by the incredible vocals of sexy front person, April Laragy. The band continues to explore and expand the artistic boundaries of their multi-media show, giving the audience a mesmerizing live experience. Laragy asserts, "We want to give the audience a surreal way to experience the band's music. By collaborating with these artists we are able to celebrate, explore, and connect the space between visual and musical performance... without the use of heavy pharmaceuticals."

About the Atomic Swindlers
The Atomic Swindlers' Coming Out Electric is being met with rave reviews! With descriptions like "lush," "big and beautiful melodic rock," "grand Beatles pop as told by Barbarella..." the CD has fans across the US on an intergalactic groove.


Management / Booking: Harvey M. Abouelata (865) 386-7860
Purchase the Enhanced CD with the Video: or

About Joel Trussell
Animator / Director and Illustrator has been summed up by Pop Cult Magazine as:
"Gleeful chipmunks bravely exploring the furthest reaches of dark, cold space... gargantuan robots locked in mortal combat amid the ruins of a crushed city... anthropomorphic hot dogs screaming in agony as they're being pecked to death by chipper birds... Such images don't often visit the minds of ordinary human beings, but if you're one Joel Trussell they come quite naturally. Fortunately, he's also an illustrator who's able to vent these creatures onto paper—otherwise who knows what might happen."

About Hypefest
HypeFest is a high-energy film & video festival showcasing creativity in film, commercials and music videos from a diversity of filmmakers and storytellers. Year three of HypeFest will take place July 29-31, 2005.

About Indie Music Video Festival
A two night festival featuring a fresh crop of 40 plus independent music videos from all over the world, showcasing brilliant cinematography, astonishing animation and the most precise and artful editing that is sure to rock each of your senses. Rarely seen, never seen and must be seen - an eye-popping, ear-blasting, heart-pounding audio/video extravanganza. Concurrent screenings will be held in Victoria, Vancouver, Seattle, Toronto, New York and Calgary

About Vancouver International Digital Festival 2005
VIDFEST is for the creators and producers of digital content. It's a chance to meet with peers from all over the world, see their work, develop new partnerships, and engage your mind by listening and talking to people like you who explore and push the boundaries of creativity in digital media.

About Brooklyn, New York's Animation Block Valentine Film Festival 2005
Animation Block is dedicated to exhibiting the world's best independent, professional and student animation. Our mode of broadcast is always evolving, be it through internet streaming on our website, smaller free screenings for the public, official Animation Block Party festivals or DVD distribution.

About Image out Film Festival
The mission of ImageOut [the Rochester Lesbian and Gay Film & Video Festival, Inc] is to inform, entertain, educate, and enrich the Greater Rochester and Western New York community through the exhibition of multi-racial and multi-cultural films and videos, and through various artistic and educational programs by and about lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people.
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