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Material Vision

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Materials for Product Development, Design and Architecture
Material Vision is a trade fair with accompanying conference, at which modern materials and material technologies in the pre-production stage are exhibited. The core target group comprises product developers, industrial designers and architects.

Material Vision is more than just a fair.
Material Vision trade fair presents materials in a unique way to cater for the information needs of a design-oriented audience. At the Material Vision Conference, world-class designers discuss the latest research and product-development trends with high-grade experts from the field of materials research.


The aim of Material Vision is to accelerate the use of materials in new intelligent products and, therefore, to open up new markets to the potential inherent in modern materials technology.

Eighty top industrial companies presented the entire range of modern materials and material technology at this extraordinary event on 10 and 11 November 2005. The spectrum to be seen covered all materials from polymers, glass and ceramics, via renewable raw materials, to so-called intelligent materials with changeable properties.

With a sensational level of exhibitor satisfaction of 94 %, Material Vision came a good deal closer to reaching its goal in 2005.
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