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The First Cadet Corps in the Menshikov Palace Marking 275th Anniversary

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The State Hermitage Museum
4 September 2007 - 13 January 2008

The First Cadet Corps in the Menshikov Palace. Marking the 275th Anniversary of Its Foundation


From 1732 till 1918 the former palace of Governor-General Alexander Menshikov housed the First Cadet Corps, a military school famous for its professors and graduates who included such outstanding secular figures and military commanders as Pyotr Rumiantsev-Zadunaysky, Fedor (Fridrich) Angalt, Alexander Sumarokov, Mikhail Kheraskov, Mikhail Kutuzov and others.

The exhibition showcases paintings and graphic pieces, works of applied and decorative arts, uniforms, arms and armament, stamps and medals as well as manuscripts, printed editions and photographs that illustrate this long and important period in the palace's history.

The exhibition has been mounted by the State Hermitage with participation of the Military Historical Museum of Artillery, Engineers and Signals Corps, the State Museum of the History of St Petersburg, the Museum of Applied and Decorative Arts in the Stieglitz Academy of Industrial Design and the State Museum Preserve of Tsarskoye Selo.
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