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IPS Announces Sustainable Design Recognition Program

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January 2008

Integrated Project Services (IPS), a leading, full-service engineering, design/build, validation, and compliance company dedicated to assisting pharmaceutical and biotech companies improve operations worldwide, announced the implementation of a Sustainable Design Recognition program. The program is intended to raise overall awareness of the impact IPS designs have on the environment and also offer clients a new way of looking at hi-tech, high performance facilities and systems. This new program will help clients achieve and improve their “triple bottom line” (financial, social and environmental).


“The Sustainable Design Recognition program combines the honor of being nominated by your peers and recognition for IPS for significant contributions to sustainability,” says Mark A. Butler, General Manager of Engineering Services and Principal, IPS, “all the while promoting awareness and demonstrating the impact our designs have on the environment. As a leading engineering and construction firm it is important that our professionals are fully aware of how our work affects the world around us, and this program will allow us to do that.”

The IPS Senior Management Team will acknowledge employees who make significant contributions and achievements to reduce the environmental impact of our projects through innovative design, construction, commissioning and/or validation and operational improvements. Candidates will be nominated by their peers in multiple categories, including energy performance, water conservation, renewable resources, recycling/reuse, waste reduction and optimization. The program will recognize both individual and team efforts, depending on the scope of impact of the nominated project.

Evaluation criteria include environmental benefits, total cost savings achieved, cost avoided, tons of CO2 avoided and or reduced, and the level of innovation demonstrated. The program offers employees professional recognition for their work in sustainable design and project delivery.
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