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Many users are fretting over the social bookmarking company's acquisition by Yahoo Inc. because they fear the Internet giant will alter their beloved service in ways that would make it unappealing to them.

At press time, users had posted almost 400 comments to the blog entry on which founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Joshua Schachter announced the Yahoo acquisition last Friday. Reactions range from users who are absolutely elated to those who are irreparably distraught.

However, most users fall somewhere in the middle of those two extremes, congratulating Schachter for the deal's financial benefits, but also expressing skepticism and concern about' future as part of Yahoo. Common worries are that Yahoo will wallpaper with banner ads, force users to obtain a Yahoo ID and change the user interface. Currently, is free to use and free of ads.

"I'm very happy for the team for their successful exit, but as a user I'm a bit saddened by the fact that they aren't going to try to go it alone. I think there is a certain amount of opportunity cost when an acquisition like this happens," wrote Toby Padilla in an e-mail interview with IDG News Service. "I think their innovation will slow as they have to contend with the baggage of existing Yahoo services and general corporate bureaucracy."

Padilla has been using since December 2003, after he started seeing referrals from it in the visit logs of, a social music network of which he is CEO. Like so many others, Padilla soon became a die-hard fan of

The service lets its over 200,000 registered users save links to their favorite Web pages on a personal page hosted by, label the links with descriptive tags and share their lists with other users.


Today, Padilla uses it constantly. "I post 5-10 links a day, check my user page probably 10 times a day and subscribe to a multitude of [] RSS feeds that are checked regularly every hour," he wrote. "It's the best way to find out about new things."

This feeling is shared by Alex Boden, who bookmarks about 20 items every day, mostly about subjects he's interested in, like mobile technology, electronic publishing and Web analytics. He currently has about 1,030 bookmarked items on his page.

" is my memory," he wrote in an e-mail interview. "If I want to find out about anything, is my first port of call, even before Google (Profile, Products, Articles), because I know I can trust the other members to point me in the right direction."

Likewise, he feels he gives back to the community because others benefit from checking out his ever-growing list of links. " makes me a one-man content-filter/distribution system, if you will," wrote Boden, a product manager at MPS Technologies in London.

Boden, who has a master's degree in electronic communication and publishing, began using in March and likes it just the way it is today. Understandably, the appearance of Yahoo in the picture makes him uneasy.

"I have mixed feelings. It was inevitable that would be bought up at some stage -- that was almost their business model! -- so I'm not too surprised. I know Yahoo will do good work to make the user interface more approachable for non-technical users. But my main concern is that the democratization of will dilute the actual quality of the content," Boden wrote.

Specifically, Boden worries that if Yahoo dilutes the user pool with non-technical users, the original users, who tend to be technically-savvy, may depart. "However, it may just mean that there will be more tags used in general ... and that may become a bigger, more inclusive, community," he wrote.
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