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Rite Track Signs on With SIMAX

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March 2008

Rite Track confirmed their partnership with SIMAX Global Services (SIMAX). SIMAX Global Services companies specialize in the service and support of mature equipment in semiconductor and related device manufacturing operations.

Tim Hayden, President and CEO of Rite Track stated, “Our role as the cornerstone partner under SIMAX allows us to share our global infrastructure with other partner companies, providing increased efficiencies of operation for each. The result is cost and time savings for both the supplier and the end user company. We are looking forward to the many opportunities that this partnership will provide for us and our customers.”


Eduard Hoeberichts, Cofounder and CEO of SIMAX, stated “With its world wide presence, Rite Track is the ideal first partner as a leader in this part of the industry. Our objective is to develop a full portfolio of services aimed at the maintenance and service of mature assets in semiconductor manufacturing operations.”

SIMAX functions as an umbrella organization for a group of companies specializing in the service and support of mature equipment in semiconductor and related device manufacturing operations. This allows the combination of the core competencies and infrastructure of each participating member company with the goal of continuously improving customer satisfaction by optimizing service quality levels for mature equipment.

Each SIMAX member company will have access to Rite Track’s outstanding global sales, service, and spare parts network. In turn, Rite Track can use another member company’s resources if needed. This cooperative agreement uses the strengths of each company to provide improved benefits for the customer, while allowing each member to expand its operations and coverage to become a more significant part of fab operations worldwide.

With the original equipment manufacturers focusing on the newest process technology, or OEM’s being acquired or stopping operations altogether, the maintenance and support of the device manufacturers’ mature equipment might be abandoned, becoming a major concern for manufacturers that don’t have the time or money to buy the “latest” when the “current” will do nicely for several more years.

Equipment to manufacture IC’s and related devices (MEMS, III-V materials, medical devices, solar cells, etc), when maintained well, will have useful technical life spans of several decades. SIMAX intends to insure that the device manufacturer will have a single and reliable source of services and parts.
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