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Google Announces Two More Minis

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Today, Google announced two new Google Minis.

We first launched the Google Mini one year ago tomorrow. We've been delighted - even a bit overwhelmed - with its success. Thousands of Google Minis now search websites and intranets all over the world. And they continue to find more and more content for customers everyday. (Here's a map of some customers, with comments on how the Mini is helping their business.)


To celebrate, we're adding more Minis.

Minis are now available with extended capacity of 200,000 documents for $5,995 and 300,000 documents for $8,995, in addition to the current 100,000 document version available for $2,995.

We've taken the bright blue Mini box, the same plug-and-play simplicity, and added more capacity to meet the growing content needs of users. New Mini customers can choose from three models when ordering online from the Google Store. Current Mini customers can upgrade by simply purchasing more capacity.
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