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Jaduka Launches Content Fulfillment and Transaction Services for Mobile Media

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April 2008

Digital publishers can now easily integrate end-to-end merchandising, inventory, and account management thanks to Jaduka's new content fulfillment and transaction services. Jaduka® (, a leading provider of Web-integrated communication and transaction tools, has launched integrated content fulfillment, delivery, and transaction services for mobile media and software providers.


Jaduka gives digital publishers the ability to leverage traditional retail distribution with prepaid account cards and also supports direct e-commerce transactions through its Web Services API. Jaduka is compatible with all major global Point of Sale Activation (POSA) networks with existing connections to over 506,000 retail locations. In the future, as mobile phones and handheld devices become point-of-sale purchasing tools, Jaduka's content fulfillment and transaction services will afford consumers new levels of near-field communications (NFC) purchasing convenience.

Jaduka President Jack Rynes said, "Jaduka is enabling the future of business by giving digital publishers access to its API, services, and relationships network. This powerful technology and broad distribution, combined with lower cost and shorter development cycles, ensures that digital publishers can compete effectively in future marketplaces."

At the heart of Jaduka's new content fulfillment and transaction services is its award-winning IBM Informix Database Solution (IDS), including high availability data replication, enterprise replication, fragmentation, parallel data query, and other proprietary functions that enhance stability and performance. Jaduka's IDS provides instant access to hundreds of millions of end-user accounts and the existing capacity to manage billions of transactions per month.
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