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Digital Video Releases Toonz 5.0 Harlequin

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Digital Video's experience and knowledge of traditional animation meet the evolution of animation creative and technical standards in the new major release of Toonz to better serve the animation community: Toonz 5.0 Harlequin.

Toonz is a world leader application in the cartoon animation industry, used everyday by thousands of animators in 65 different countries, among them also by Miyazaki's Studio Ghibli for their Academy Award winning movie, "Spirited away", awarded in 2003 with the Oscar as the best animated feature film.

Toonz 5.0 Harlequin steps into paperless animation by integrating vector drawings in its traditional workflow based on raster drawings. This new environment allows to manage drawings, images and animation levels the way you prefer, preserving their nature throughout the work-flow, with no unwanted conversion from raster to vector, or vice versa.

With Toonz 5.0 Harlequin animators can input and paint hand-made drawings or draw from scratch on the computer tablet and then animate; compose scenes; move and animate animation levels over background according to the xsheet; move pegbars, cameras and table; add special FX and render out final sequences.

Harlequin exploits advanced features such as a palette manager with linked styles and smart color models; schematics to control linked objects to define complex movements and to control special FX to obtain powerful results; 3D camera view with automatic multiplane effect; a fully integrated 2D particles engine; possibility to perform rotoscoping and inbetweening; a render farm to distribute render tasks on the network, while controlling it centrally.


All these tasks can be performed in a user-friendly environment, that the users can customize the way they prefer, following the production work-flow they prefer, in order to fast-forward tedious and time- consuming steps.

Toonz 5.0 Harlequin follows your own approach to computer-assisted animation: you choose, not the software.

Harlequin is not a single product but a product-line: the full license can be split in modules to provide customers with the best possible Return On Investment because the prices varies accordingly.

List prices go from as low as 2000 US$ (North America price) for Scan & Cleanup license, to as high as 11.995 US$ (North America price) for the Studio license.

Harlequin also offers a very attractive Academic Program with special discounts for educational institutions.

Toonz 5.0 Harlequin is available for Windows 2000, Windows XP and for MAC OS X 10.4.
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