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FolioLink's Photography Websites: to Flash or Not to Flash

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FolioLink's newest photography and artist websites now support FLASH and HTML viewing modes offering users a rare combination of compatibility, speed and advanced design. Until now, photographers and artists looking for a service to build their websites had to choose between HTML and Flash only solutions. FolioLink's newest offering works in Flash mode, but when someone visits the site with an old browser, FolioLink automatically converts the site to its compatible HTML equivalent. This new and exclusive technology by FolioLink not only offers artists and photographers the best of both worlds, but it also makes its Flash sites visible to search engines.
Ohio based photographer, Jim Rohman (,) recently joined the FolioLink service, and is an early adopter of one of the latest FLASH/HTML websites for photographers. This accomplished photographer with over 30 years of experience working in the corporate and advertising market needed a professional website solution to showcase his talent. His own experience with FolioLink demonstrates that good design, ease of maintenance and good value are now within the reach of most photographers.


"After trying to create my own flash site, then hiring someone to create it, I found both situations failed miserably and was rescued by The Flash Templates are clean in design and let me customize them to suit my needs. The FolioLink system is easy to use and search engine compatible. I can change my photos and portfolios as many times as I want, even an old dog like me can do it. I've had many compliments on my site and its design. People don't believe it's made from a do-it-yourself service and not custom designed for me," said Jim Rohman.

The online FolioLink service satisfies the demands of professional photographers and artists that want an easy way to manage their online portfolios. All that is required is a web browser, there is no software to install, no costly upgrades to keep up with, no templates to manage, and it comes with the ability to send out e-postcards and change images and content as often as needed at no additional charge.
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