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Working Assembly Line Featured at IPC Midwest

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August 2008

Association Connecting Electronics Industries® brings automated assembly to the IPC Midwest Conference and Exhibition show floor with the A-Line. Coordinated by electronic manufacturing services provider The Morey Corporation, a MYDATA jet printer, Juki high-speed modular mounter, Senju Comtek reflow oven, and a cab Technology Inc. separator will be used to demonstrate state-of-the art surface mount assembly, with on-site experts available to talk about the A-Line’s processes and equipment. The A-Line, along with exhibits from more than 100 of the top suppliers to the electronics industry, can be seen at IPC Midwest, September 24 and 25, 2008, at the Renaissance Schaumburg Hotel & Convention Center, Schaumburg, Ill.

Initiated by IPC in cooperation with PennWell Publishing’s SMT magazine, the A-Line enables attendees to witness the actual operation of an assembly line in the manufacturing process. Engineers at The Morey Corporation designed the board that will be manufactured in the line. Once the design was completed, Morey purchased, inspected, received, and staged the material for the project. Morey will oversee the line to ensure its successful operation and is responsible for distributing final-design board documentation for each equipment supplier.


“It was fun bringing everyone together,” commented Ross Clark, marketing manager, The Morey Corporation. “One of the great rewards of Morey’s participation, however, was working in close cooperation with the various equipment suppliers and their knowledgeable engineers and product managers, as well as IPC, to make the A-line a success at IPC Midwest 2008.”

About the Assembly Process — The first step in the A-Line begins with a MYDATA automation MY500 jet printer. Using a revolutionary new technology for solder paste application, the MY500 shoots solder paste on the fly without touching the printed circuit board (PCB). Because the jet printing technology is contained inside a cassette which holds a single replaceable cartridge of solder paste, stencils are not needed. This offers many advantages over the standard screen printer, like more PCB design freedom and virtually no changeover or lead times.

Once the solder is applied, the PCB travels to a Juki Automation System FX-1R high-speed module mounter for component placement. The FX-1R is a modular chip shooter driven at extreme speeds. An advanced linear motor and a unique HI-Drive system deliver real world improvements in actual throughput.

After the components are placed, the board moves to the Senju Nitrogen Reflow (SNR) series oven for curing. The oven utilizes high power, high efficiency heating methods to minimize delta T for even the most complex board assemblies, while reducing the waste of expensive nitrogen. SNR reflow systems include high power circulation fans in combination with a unique flow nozzle design in order to greatly minimize temperature fluctuation.

A cab Technology Inc. MAESTRO 3E PCB Separator will safely cut the boards, rings will be attached, and these key chains will be provided to show attendees as a gift.
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