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Cyberhand to Design the World's First Direct Nerve Force Feedback System

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September 2008

Cyberhand Technologies International Inc. is a design, marketing and distribution company providing new consumer electronic technologies using innovative ergonomic designs. It announced that it will be designing the world's first and only direct nerve force feedback system.


This feedback system is generations ahead of all of the rumble packs on the market today and will make the gaming experience as real as it gets. With sensors embedded in the wrist and elbow pads, pulses will be sent into the Carpal Tunnel to the Median nerve through the soft tissue in the Cubital Tunnel to the Ulna nerve.

Different frequencies, current strengths and duration will give a variety of responses from the feeling of heat, numbness, cold, exhaustion to having your arm jump or go limp. This will take the game to beyond reality and make the gamer player feel like he is really there and in clear and present danger.

This is a sub system of a complete series of Force Feedback accessories that will slip onto your knees, shoulders, ankles and head -- the first true body armor for the digital adventurer where you can feel the bullet impacts and if you make a mistake you really feel it.

"When you wear our new system and put your hand in the fire you will burn, pick up ice and you will freeze, hit a wall with your hand and it will hurt. If you take the BIG gun and fire it your arm will jump and hang on too long and you arm will tire and go limp. We will bring the humanity to the war, the conflict, the gunfight and, for the first time, you really can make your enemies pay and pay. Come and play, we will keep the fire burning all night," said Michael Burke, President of Cyberhand Technologies International Inc.
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