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2009 Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition

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Deadline: 30 January 2009

Metropolis Magazine challenges young designers to apply their innovative talents to our energy addiction and rethink the broken models that represented 20th-century life and work.

Today the magazine issues its call for entries for the 2009 Metropolis Next Generation Design Competition, the prestigious award program that supports and showcases young designers' outstanding innovations.


This year Metropolis is taking its cues from the headlines.

Rising energy costs is the focus of the worldwide competition, which is open to all designers in practice for 10 years or less, as well as to students.

The magazine seeks entries at all scales of design-urban, landscape, building, interior, object, communication-and for every aspect of the man-made environment.

As evidence builds on the economic consequences of a fossil-fuels monoculture and the destruction of our environment, Metropolis encourages the design community to incorporate this information into its design solutions.

The magazine asks designers to challenge our current patterns of living and working, and come up with ways to reconnect these daily human functions while minimizing fossil-fuel usage.
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