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Penton: Winners of "Best Electronic Design" Competition

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December 2008

In its annual "Best Electronic Design" issue, the editors of Electronic Design magazine have announced their choices for 2008.

The field of candidates began with the hundreds of briefings and demonstrations Electronic Design's editors participate in each year.

"As editors we're privileged to work on the leading edge with electronics OEMs, find out what they're doing, and where they're going," said Joe Desposito, editor-in-chief of Electronic Design magazine.

"Every so often, we come across that special product, whether chip, component, module, system, or technology that stands out in the crowd."

The "Best Electronic Design" issue highlights the technologies most significant to advancing electronic design and honors some of the outstanding end-product designs produced in the last year.


Looking at the key technologies covered in the magazine's pages and online during the year together with reader feedback, the technical editors chose the products and solutions they feel had the greatest impact on design this year.

Each Technology Editor chose one or more winners within a particular coverage area. In the analog and mixed-signal realm, Don Tuite cited as one of his choices the AD7626 SAR from Analog Devices for the Best Raw Performance for an A/D Converter.

For Best Wireless Chip, Louis E. Frenzel selected the G2 Microsystems G2C547 Wi-Fi system-on-a-chip.

In the components area, Mat Dirjish selected Osram Opto Semiconductors white-LED prototype as a winner.

In the digital arena, Rich Quinnell chose the Actel ProASIC3 and Igloo FPGA families as Best All-Around FPGA. For the Power category, Sam Davis names the Qspeed Semiconductor Q-series silicon-based diodes as Best Power Semiconductor.

Also named are the Best Designs in leading vertical markets.

The year has proven to be a solid one for technology innovation, including the "Best Automotive Design" winner, a vision processor for intelligent vehicle systems from STMicroelectronics and Mobileye, as well as "Best Medical Design" for the Tronics Microsystems MEMS pressure-sensor system.
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