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iTechpoint Launches

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January 2009

After significant success with, start-up media company iTechpoint launches, a site dedicated to offer conveniences and value to American Internet users.

The initial version will mainly serve as a one-stop destination for finding quality web links for the most popular Internet categories. This will help users save time and locate high quality sites that users may not be aware of as well.

For online shoppers, price comparisons are a whole lot easier now with the ease and quick reference to links.


Job seekers now will also find the site useful because there are links to top technology, retail, government, student, executive and general job sites.

Furthermore, the technology section provides links to free technology tutorial sites. This aids personal development and as a result makes it easier for possibly getting jobs in these fields.

Business and regular travellers will also find the travel section useful with the links to popular air travel, hotel, car rental, vacation, specialty travel and travel accessories sites.

And not just Web users accessing the Internet on computers, AmericanPortal can also function as a mobile phone bookmark for the ease of on-the-go access.

AmericanPortal will have more to come in the following months.
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