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Concept Branding Group, Bule|Fusion Worldwide In Global Alliance

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February 2009

The Concept Branding Group has partnered Bule|Fusion Worldwide for its state-of-the-art design capabilities to bring added depth and life to current and planned client brand creation and refinements.

Bule|Fusion is expected to bring striking visual life to the brand and organizational efficiencies of Concept Branding Group clients, building long-term brand sustainability. The firm also showcases its creative abilities with the redesign of the Concept Branding Group website.

"Since our founding in 1991, we have always sought to provide operators, suppliers and trade groups with the tools necessary to refine their brands, improve operations and move to the next level of performance,” said Tom Kelley, Managing Partner of Concept Branding Group.


“By creating this global alliance and centralizing our ideas, recommendations and concept refinements with Bule|Fusion, under one umbrella, we are poised to assist small businesses, retail, hospitality operators and membership organizations set new levels of achievement."

"With our recently added client roster and our entry into the Southern California market this Spring, we are well poised to add value and grow client profile in bold, creative ways."

"The alliance with Concept Branding Group will provide Bule|Fusion Worldwide a framework to pursue new business opportunities and share expertise. The synergy between our two firms will extend our strategy and design capabilities to the global hospitality, retail and restaurant industries," said Chun Y. Gee, Principal and Managing Director of Bule|Fusion Worldwide.

The firms are aggressively seeking and already are in contention for both small and large projects from California to Washington, DC.

By creating the alliance, the reach of both firms now expands into Asia (Bali, Indonesia), Europe (Nuremberg, Germany), Canada (Montreal) and the United States (Washington, Boston, Kennebunkport, Palm Springs).
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