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MobiTV Demonstrates New Television Audience Measurement Technology

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April 2009

MobiTV has announced its demonstration of a new form of television audience measurement at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters Show (NAB), employing its interactive technology to track audience size and demographics in real time.

"This technology demonstration gives broadcasters their first real chance for an exact snapshot of the audiences watching a particular show at a particular time," said Cedric Fernandes, VP of Technology, MobiTV.

"In the past, traditional television audience measurement was accomplished through statistical analysis only. This solution offers broadcasters and advertisers the 'brass-ring' to allow for highly targeted shows with highly targeted advertisements."


Nielsen and Rentrak will each demonstrate audience measurement solutions for tracking viewing on MobiTV enabled devices. For these demonstrations, MobiTV is using its interactive mobile television capabilities to deliver a data collection application for the broadcast community. The technology will be able to show broadcasters a much more complete, detailed and accurate picture of their viewing audience, opening up new, highly targeted opportunities for advertisers.

"Nielsen is committed to providing audience measurement as consumers watch television with the best screen available at any given time–mobile, Internet and traditional home viewing," said Steve McGowan, SVP Client Research Initiatives, The Nielsen Company.

"We are pleased to work with MobiTV to understand how this standards-based interactive technology along with other Nielsen applications can meet our clients' needs for a more complete picture of media use."

"Rentrak is excited and committed to offer comprehensive solutions for audience measurement usage and data analytics for the mobile industry," said Ken Papagan, president and Chief Strategy Officer at Rentrak Corporation.

"Our flexible, real time and in-depth universal reporting of mobile usage offers a distinct advantage to carriers, content owners, brands and advertisers alike."
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