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Phat Energy At Dwell On Design Conference

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June 2009

Phat Energy, a solar energy design and installation company, will be launching its groundbreaking product line, ‘Phatport,‘ with their official debut at the Dwell on Design Conference 2009. These flagship products represent the leading edge in dedicated-structure solar installation design.

The Phatport line consists of two distinctive products:


The Phatport 200, which features the Sanyo translucent bi-facial panel (the HIT Double), is a versatile, rainproof structure that can be used as a covered patio or carport with dozens of power producing skylights; and can be built to match any architectural style, from Spanish to modern;

The Phatport 1000, which is a striking and innovative suspended solar structure that uses a patented tetrahedron design. Aside from its lightness and speed of assembly, the Phatport 1000 is capable of spanning large distances at minimal cost and space requirement, with any choice of solar panel.

Phat Energy anticipates that the Phatport line will provide new opportunities for practical and modern solar power deployment using open spaces.

"The Phatport lifts solar power into a front and center feature of home and commercial design,” says Phat Energy founder and General Manager Philippe Hartley.

"To be widely accepted, solar energy needs to be freed from rooftops where it is currently trapped, and often hidden; it must find its way into new spaces.” Nick Tucker, Phat Energy’s Chief Designer notes, “we want to move solar power from a technology to an esthetic.”
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