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Adobe Lightroom Workflow eBook

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George Mann - Adobe Lightroom Workflow eBook - US$ 9.99

After finishing the first month of a three month daily on-line seminar/tutorial series on Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS2, George Mann of has decided to sell a downloadable Beta version of the final eBook for a special pre-release price of US$ 9.99.


The downloadable html based eBook contains all the articles in the online series (minus the advertising) plus updates and more material that will not be released on the website series.

The final price of the Adobe Lightroom Workflow eBook, which will be available on CD-ROM from and, has not been set yet but will be considerably more than the pre-release version price of US$ 9.99, which includes FREE Upgrades until the final release date of August 1, 2006.
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