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Schellings Designs Launches New T-shirt Website

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Sydney, Australia -- Schellings Designs have just launched a fantastic new website showcasing its unique collection of t-shirt designs for men and women.

Looking for something different? Schellings Designs is a fresh new collection of fashionable t-shirt designs. This unique collection focuses on fresh designs that stand out amongst the growing online clothing stores. In the cutting edge industry of fashion Schellings Designs brings an individual style that has something for everyone. At Schellings Designs we are dedicated to stay in step with modern trends whilst still maintaining our unique style and identity. New designs are added regularly. Unlike most clothing that is bought in store people are attracted to original designs that you won't find anywhere else. Stand out from the crowd with something new and innovative.

Our current stock includes 32 designs under 3 main categories. There are three main categories of designs: urban and street ware designs, which include funky urban, cutting edge styles for your modern fashion trends. Humor, funny and play on word designs. These are designs that make you laugh and make a simple or bold statement that will stand out in a crowd. We also have unique individualized character designs to suit and show off your personality. All design illustrations are simple and clean with vibrant use of color. Always stay in style. Wear something different. Buy them online today.


All images and artwork used on the t-shirts are created by designer Shaun Schellings. "I have always had a keen interest in art; it is what I do for a living. I approach each shirt as a blank canvas, much like a new painting. I have been painting all my life and often use the computer to create my ideas through digital art." All the images in the Schellings collection are created using digital painting. The designs are firstly hand drawn and painted on the computer using a tablet. For those of us that are new to the digital art world, a tablet is essentially a pen for computers that can be used in software just like a paintbrush. This style of art is steadily growing and is becoming more and more popular amongst today's computer artist, from beginners to the advanced. One of the reasons digital art has become so popular is that it offers such a wide level of control, allowing the artist to really showcase their skills and talents. The computer screen and tablet essentially become the artist's canvas allowing them to express their artistic talent just like any other traditional artist would. Don't be fooled into thinking that the computer makes digital art easy; that is far from the truth. It requires the same level of skill as any other art medium. Digital artists express emotion and create their designs in the same way any other artist would. As many digital artists will tell you, the controls available in digital art like undo and layering are priceless in creating the look you want. They allow you to layer your colors and textures to get the exact look you are after.

Schellings Designs are available online and come in the form of: T-shirts, Golf Shirts, Sloppy Joes, Long sleeved shirts, ragen shirts, women tanks tops, spagite shirts, etc need to look them up. These designs will offer options to people who are tired with the same old shop look. Stand out in a crowd. Say something, or just look great with fashionable Schellings Designs.

For more information on this fresh new collection go to the website. Products are available and ready to ship. All prices are in $US dollars.
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